Friday, June 18, 2010

Pirate Days

Pirates A-Plenty, Pirates Ahoy!

First things first mateys!

Before you can board our ship and sail on our surely purely practical piratical adventure you must find your true pirate name. Just follow the posted directions shipmates (see below) to find your new nomicker, argh, I mean monicker.

Are you ready to find your names with the help of Captain Stink-eye Barbosa (aka Amy), Royal Free-booting Bucket'O Fish (aka Mark) a and our own puppet Pirate Will Reed...

Let's Find Your Pirate Names!
...just follow the directions shipmate,

Pirate Days - What a Blast!

Pirate Melody, aka Royal Tarfinger Two-Toes, led the multitude of littles in a high sea rollicking adventure in the Ships Cove.

All the Elementary-aged youngsters enjoyed watching Pirate Pete and Pirate Joe, some truly piratical looking pirates. And let's not forget the facts, Eliot let us in on the real story behind some of our favorite pirate characters. Last, but not least, we got to hear all about Pirate Bill, a landlocked sea-lovin' wannabe pirate!

Ahoy there! Don't ya be going off too fast there,
keep reading with this list:

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