Saturday, June 19, 2010

Medieval Days

Are you ready for some Medieval Merrymaking and Mayhem?

Enter a new world. Medievel happy harpist Julie will usher you all in on the notes of some authentic medieval melodies.

Princess Annette will be leading the littlest of patrons (age 5 and younger) in a playful medieval journey with songs dance and story.

For the elementary-aged crowd, meet in the Storywing where we'll have Samurai Swords (the Medieval time period didn't just happen in Europe!) and also Drew the Storytelling Juggler who will amaze and astound!

Come dressed up as princes, princesses, knights, dragons, jugglers, Robin Hood or a merry man - anyone you think might have been around (fact or fantasy) in those most Medieval of times.

Watch out, it just might be your costumed picture that's posted here next week!

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